Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Stop SB 1070 wrist bands – Democracia Ahora


Democracy Now!


Democracia Ahora!


“This is an organization whose mission is to increase the prominence and participation of Hispanics in every aspect of the political process.”


If we are to defeat hate filled laws like Arizona SB 1070, we must empower Hispanics, especially those who undocumented.  When a person cannot vote his influence over the electroal process is not over.  He can encourage someone who can vote to do so in his name.

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  1. No hate here. Just a determination to protect my home. You might want to look in the mirror to see what hate looks like. You are very scary. However, you are doing us a favor waking up sleeping Americans to the need to defend themselves from those who disrespect our law and want to take whatever you can get. We will resist you with everything!

    Arizona is our example and more will follow! So, better pack.