Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eduardo Salazar Passes From HLH

Eduardo Salazar

Child with HLH Syndrome

Pases December 10th, 2011

It is with the greatest regret we have learned about the passing of Eduardo Salazar, a 13 year old youth from Mexico, who passed from a rare child-hood illness called HLH.  Eduardo spent the last two weeks of his life in intensive care defenseless against the ugly illness which ragaged his body.  He fought hard, suffered immensely, but could not overcome this ugly disesase which takes one child in a million.

Our hearts are with Eduardo and his family and with all children who face huge battles with illenesses no person should face, let alone no child.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Peer to Peer Busts Child Pornographer Cheetham gets cheated


Gary Cheetham who lives at 104 East Pratt Boulevard in Roselle, a subdivision in Chicago, Illinois, is in hot water.  He was arrested getting off an airliner at O’Hare international Airport after the FBI searched his house in May.  Within the house they found computers full of child pornography!


It all started when an under-cover FBI agent began communicating with Cheetham on the net and by peer to peer computer sharing.


garycheetham mug

The face of an alleged child pornographer

How did they catch this 54 year old man who has no problem praying on our nation’s youth?  Peer to peer file sharing was the main method!


Many child pornographers use the computer sharing method thinking they can thwart the laws.  Unfortunately for them, the FBI is watching and ‘they always get their man!’


The Innocent Images Task Force is a law enforcement project aimed at taking child pornographers off of the street.  They focus on:


  • Online organizations, enterprises, and communities that exploit children for profit or personal gain.

  • Major distributors of child pornography, such as those who appear to have transmitted a large volume of child pornography via an online computer on several occasions to several other people.

  • Producers of child pornography.

  • Individuals who travel, or indicate a willingness to travel, for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with a minor.

  • Possessors of child pornography.


If you are a child pornographer and cannot control your impulses, as most cannot, then seek help!  Why spend the next 15 to 30 years in the cross bar motel?  You may be able to remain anonymous with a good therapist.  You could also turn yourself in and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.


If you don’t act then we will find you, we will arrest you, and we will send you for your first date with bend-em-over Bill!  When I say we, that means members of law enforcement, which I am not.  But they represent part of our society with a mission of protecting the little ones you harm!


If you are on the other side of the coin you might check the national center for missing and exploited children.  For more information on the prevention of child abusers check out this site!


The FBI wants information about Cheetham.  If you know of additional victims please contact them at the Chicago FBI office (312) 421-6700.


Cheetham has been charged but not convicted.  He has the fundamental right of being considered innocent until proven guilty, should that happen. 


Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Stop SB 1070 wrist bands – Democracia Ahora


Democracy Now!


Democracia Ahora!


“This is an organization whose mission is to increase the prominence and participation of Hispanics in every aspect of the political process.”


If we are to defeat hate filled laws like Arizona SB 1070, we must empower Hispanics, especially those who undocumented.  When a person cannot vote his influence over the electroal process is not over.  He can encourage someone who can vote to do so in his name.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing 7 year old Have you seen him? Please take a look!

7 year old boy missing
Have you seen him?

Please take a look at these pictures of 7 year old Kyron Richard Horman.  Kyron had on a black T-shirt with the letters "CSI" in green.  He had a handprint graphic on his shirt, black cargo pants, white socks, and black Skechers sneakers with orange trim. He wears metal framed glasses.

A child lost is a future lost!
Please take a minute to look
at his photos, perhaps you
will come across a child like



Date of Birth:  September 9, 2002
Place of Birth:  Oregon
Sex:  Male
Hair:  Brown
Height:  3'8"
Eyes:  Blue
Weight:  50 pounds
Race:  White



Kyron Richard Horman has been missing from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, since June 4, 2010. He was last seen that morning after attending a science fair at the school.

Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the local tip line at 503/261-2847, the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency.


For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

If you think you have seen this child any place please contact the FBI or law enforcement in your area.  Don’t take a chance and think it can’t be him, it could be!

If he has been picked up by a sexual predator he could be anywhere! 


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Child predators beware, 500 months is a long time!

Terrance Lynn McGuire, 27, of Canyon, Texas, did one thing right:  He let the little girl he kidnapped go.  Perhaps his conscience was eating at him.


Terrance Lynn McGuire

According to the FBI press release, Terrance stopped a little girl riding her bicycle on the street in Texhoma, Oklahoma on January 18th, 2007.  It was about 6:30 p.m. and he convinced the child into his car.  That is when the child victim began her horror story, something that will live with her for the rest of her life and certainly require special counseling.


Once in his car, Terrance had the child where he wanted her.  He reportedly threatened her, put a mask over her head, tied her up, taped her mouth shut and stuffed her into his truck.  Imagine her terror and she couldn’t even cry out.


What was this monster thinking as he took the widdle little girl for a ride? From Texhoma, Terrance drove his victim to Dumas, Texas, and then to his house in Canyon, Texas.  We don’t know what happened at the Terrance McGuire home.  One can only imagine. 


On January 19th, 2007, this ogre who preys on our nation’s youth, drove the child to Clovis New Mexico.  He stopped at a convenience store and finally freed her from the nightmare she had been facing.  She ran to the clerks in the store and the police were notified. 


Likely, Terrance figured he was getting away with his ugly acts by driving the girl so far.  It didn’t work.  A tip to Texas County Sheriff Rick Caddell gave law enforcement what they needed.  In June 2009, McGuire was identified as the perpetrator of the kidnapping.  There was no struggle when  McGuire was arrested on August 7, 2009, in Canyon, Texas.  The FBI along with the Canyon Police made the collar.


Justice was swift.  On September 15, 2009, McGuire pled guilty to one count of kidnapping and transporting the victim across state lines.  If he had his way with the helpless child he got away with it.  But he will have more than 41 years to think about what he did.  He will probably have less than that.  Many child molesters don’t make it long in the Penn.  They are not popular with the inmate population.


"You would think that in a little community like this that our daughter would be safe,"  Christopher Graham, the victim's father said after her disappearance.


“The protection of our children is, and will remain, a top priority of the United States Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice as a whole," said U.S. Attorney Sanford C. Coats. "These tragic and complicated cases require the cooperative effort of federal, state and local law enforcement. That was certainly true with this case.”


judge vicki miles-lagrange

Judge Vicky Miles-LaGrange


Chief United States District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange  pronounced the sentence.  McGuire will have five years of supervised release if he gets out of prison before he goes to boot hill.  He will, of course, have to register as a sex offender.  There is also a  $7,335.70 sum due the State of Oklahoma for victim assistance.  


The Terrance Lynn McGuire case stands for three propositions: If you go after our children we will track you down and we will find you;  We will punish you to the fullest extent of the law; if you kill our children we will put you on death row, leaving you in a desperate solitude which is worse than death itself.  McGuire did one thing right.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trucker indicted for abduction, planed to marry 11 year old Amber alert pays off!

Amber alert saves child,

11 year old girl goes home
Indictment for Texas trucker for abduction with intent to rape

After awhile, the stories about child abductions start to have a familiar ring. One ring tone we hear over and over is about the cat who picks up an under age child and takes her across state lines with the intention of sexual gratification. This case rings true to the theme, except the under-aged youth being transported across state lines was an 11 year old, not the traditional 14 or 15 year old.   If allegations are true, Elmer Zelaya-Robles from Dallas Texas, will be bending over for a brute in the big house for a long time.  Child molestors don't do well when caged with violent criminals.
A frantic call came over the switchboard at 2:30 p.m. on February 13th, 2010. The father of an 11 year old Karina Manzana-Garcia, who lives in the 400 block of 69th Place in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, called to report that his daughter was missing, indicated Cpl. Larry Johnson, a Prince George's police spokesman.

"Signs along the interstate system were activated"

An amber alert was issued reporting the child missing and providing information to media for public distribution. The report allowed regular television and radio programming to be interrupted for the announcement. Signs along the interstate system were activated. Of course, law enforcement nation-wide was notified.

One possibility was the child left with Elmer Zelaya-Robles, a family acquaintance who parked his 18 wheeler near the family home. It had been there the night before. Police were advised to be on the look-out for an orange tractor trailer.

We don’t know if a passing motorist noticed the truck and called. However, around 10:00 p.m. that night a Tennessee State Trooper found the driver of an 18 wheeler with an orange cab pulling into Love’s Truck Stop, in Jackson, Mississippi. The driver was identified as Elmer Zelaya-Robles. As the officer was in the process of questioning the driver the Amber Alert came over his radio. Elmer Fudd got the silver bracelets. Lost inside the truck’s sleeper was an 11 year Karina Manzana-Garcia.

"According to reports, he had convinced
her the two should be married"

According to reports, Elmer had wooed little karina. He had convinced her the two should be married. They had some long talks about what Elmer wanted in a wife-someone to take care of him even if she had to take care of children at the same time.  

While the child’s life was saved, karina’s innocence had already been robbed, alleged by reports in the Washington Examiner. The 11 year old tike told child services Elmer had done the dirty with her three times. Two boxes of condoms were reportedly found within the sleeper. Condoms usually come in boxes of threes and boxes of 12's.  These were probably the three to a box assortment which explains why threre would be two boxes.  

Zelaya-Robles faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted. Additional charges may be pending.

Every man has the right to be presumed innocent unless and until judged guilty in a court of law.  The charges by the Grand Jury don't match the charges alleged by some of the reports.  The reports I used for this blog were all over the map regarding various details of this abduction.  Some said the child was returned un-harmed, while other said she was violated.  For example, a report in Websleuths.com indicated the Karina's middle name was Elizabeth, based upon a Washington Post article. 

If found guilty then Zelaya has a tough time in front of him, as he should.  If he is innocent of the crime let's hope that is determined quickly, as well.

My message to men who keep singing the same tune:  If you mess with our children we will catch you and you will pay a high price!  Think about what you are doing before you make a mistake of a life time. If you are having trouble, get help now!  They won't do much for you if you wait and end up in prision, except mark your grave.

The indictment was announced by United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein, Special Agent in Charge Richard A. McFeely of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and Chief Roberto L. Hylton of the Prince George’s County Police Department.

"This case demonstrates the heroic ability of law enforcement to make the difference"

“Nationwide law enforcement coordination, modern technology and a shared commitment to pursue criminals who prey on children contributed to the quick arrest of Mr. Zelaya and the recovery of the child,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Local, state and federal law enforcement quickly coordinated their efforts and within hours after issuing an AMBER alert, the missing girl was found in Tennessee. This case demonstrates both the terrible danger that sexual predators pose to children and the heroic ability of law enforcement to make a difference.”

This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, led by United States Attorneys’ Offices and the Criminal Division's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS).  Details about Maryland’s program are available at http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/md/Safe-Childhood/index.html.

The United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein thanked the Tennessee Highway Patrol for their assistance in the investigation and commended Assistant U.S. Attorney Stacy Dawson Belf, who is prosecuting the case.

Dave Gibson from the conservative Denver rag, the Examiner, tries to turn this into an illegal alien problem starting with his title "Amber Alert saves 11-year-old girl abducted by Salvadoran national"  As it turns out Elmer Zelaya-Robles was allegedly heading for his homeland, El Salvador, when he got stopped. However, he was not an illegal alien.  He is here under full documentation.  Any monster can abduct a little child.  Putting it onto the backs of Latinos or undocumented persons is inane.

Not everyone can take advantage of the Amber Alert, a tragedy in this country.  Those who live in Sheriff "Little Joe" Arpaio's Maricopa County, in Arizona, would have to think twice about calling for an Amber Alert should one of their children be abducted.  That is, if mother, father or the child were undocumented.  Based upon the raids "Little Joe" ordered this weekend, the immigrant community has been terrorized and can't approach local law enforcement for help.  Imagine, losing your daughter and being so afraid of law enforcement you can't ask for a simple Amber Alert!

One day perhaps the leaders of this country will put a stop to abusive police tactics by rogue law enforcement.  Until then, all we can do is trust ethical law enforcement agencies like the State Patrol in Tennessee who rescued 11 year old Karina, as well as the FBI and law enforcement all over the country who work so hard to get it right.  

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LMSD fights back! Pennsylvania laptop web cam is a violation of Blake Robbins 4th Amendment rights

Pennsylvania school spies on students using laptop web cam    Actions of  Lower Merion School District a complete bastardization of Blake Robbins 4th Amendment Rights Under the US Constitution

It is tragic when the monster you are protecting your children from is their own school.  This is a case which turns you stomach if any case ever could.  We expect cameras in just about any place public we go.  Traffic intersections, photo radar, court houses and government installations, and yes, I have even seen them in public bathroom, discretely placed of course.

CCTV picture is from freefoto dot com

The Lower Merion School District pulled a fast one on the student body by installing spy cam software in the Apple laptops they handed out to the student body. They can activate the software at any time and take snap shots of what ever is in front of the computer without the computer user's knowing about it.  The FBI is investingating the Pennsylvania computer lap top scandal.

Constitutional law

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution says:  'The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.'

There are many problems with the actions of the LMSD using spy cameras in computer laptops.  The school board splintered the notion of the expectation of privacy and right of each citizen against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Spying on students

Not even the police have the authority to arbitrarily plant listening, video or photographic devices in people's homes without their knowledge unless they have a warrant.  It is clear with the LMSD no warrants were ever sought, therefore, as a constitutional matter, their activities violated the law.

"All drug traffickers are terrorist and subject to the almost non-existent court over-sight of law enforcement activity"

There are exceptions to the no warrant requirement.  The Patriot Act expands government authority wildly.  The Act allows warrantless searches if the party is believed to be engaged in the act of Terrorism, including domestic terrorismThe definition of 'involved in the act of terrorism" has a reckless and overly broad interpretation.  For example, the powers that be have determined at some time in the past terrorist organizations traffic in drugs in order to fund their activities.  The Act includes:

"(4) any narcotics trafficking entity designated pursuant to Executive Order 12978 (October 21, 1995) or the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Public Law 106-120)"

Therefore, all drug traffickers are terrorist and subject to the almost non-existent court over-sight of law enforcement activity.  You can read the Patriot Act in it's full glory here.  It is technical in nature as are most laws but a great challenge for a student heading to law school!
There are few situations in which an ordinary citizen will not fall under the act.  One of them is eating Mike and Ikes candy. 
While the school board might make an argument they suspected a student of narcotics trafficking, searching for a lost notebook won't cut the mustard.  If they subsequently find a person involved in narcotics traffiicking, the original search was illegal, hence under the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine in Constitutional law.  The law says in so many words,
"fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine is an offspring of the Exclusionary Rule. The exclusionary rule mandates that evidence obtained from an unreasonable search,  must be excluded from trial. Under the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine, evidence is also excluded from trial if it was gained through evidence uncovered in an unreasonable search.  The fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine was established primarily to deter law enforcement from violating rights against unreasonable searches and seizures."
Note, the law may not prohibit the collection of data through unreasonable searches.  It precludes use of the information in the prosecution of the case.  Therefore, when Vice Principal Lyn Matsko confronted 15 year old Blake Robbins for what she thought was illegal narcotics use she broke the law in the prosecution portion of the 'Fruit of the Poisonous Tree' Doctine.  There mere collection of the evidence is subject to question.
The biggest problem with the Pennsylvania computer spy cam case is the violation of the reasonable expectation of privacy.  According to the itlaw wickja:
"To establish a reasonable expectation of privacy a person must establish two things:
1.  That the individual had a subjective expectation of privacy;
2. That subjective expectation of privacy is one that society is prepared to recognize as reasonable.
If either element is missing, no protected interest is established (according to Katz v. the United States)."
The privacy of one's own home is a place in which "society is 'prepared to recognize as legitimate'".  As a result, it didn't matter what Blake was doing, masturbating, making love, in the bathroom or only dining on Mike and Ikes candy.  The expectation of privacy is paramount in one's own home.
If the government, in this case the Lower Merion School District, had informed students of the ability to spy on them using a computer lap top, there might be grounds to consider such spying. Take a look at United States v. Jerome T. Heckenkamp which is explained on Proskauer.
"The only ones who win in court are the attorneys"
The problem with law is a decision of a court may turn on the slightest detail and precedent then set.  There are no guaranteed winners in Blake's law suit, which is Blake J. Robbins v. LMSD.  While it looks like Blake has the upper hand, the case could turn on a dime and the school district come out with less of a shinner.  They already have a black eye.
It is for this reason, and for the benefit of the students at Herriton Senior High school near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that I suggest these people put on the conflict resolution hats and settle this matter.  Most people who win big in court say the experience was not worth it.  There is an old saying, the only ones who win in court are the attorneys!  Trust me, even they suffer an untold toll. 
Blake is a long ways away from winning his suit.  The LMSD has a lot of legal bills to pay and likely will lose.  Meanwhile, everyone in the community suffers, including the current and next senior classes of Herriton Senior High School.   That is my opinion.  Take it as you wish!