Wednesday, January 13, 2010

California man who "did" 15 year old will now do 10 years to life

"I met her on the internet"
Sexual predator travels cross country to molest
15 year old

California man who did a 15 year old will now do 10 years to life

Jason Michael Wood met a girl on the internet he liked very much. In fact he was so infatuated with her he traveled from Chino Hills, California to Western Michigan in order to have his way with her. Woods had a problem, however. His new girl friend was only 15 years old and he knew it. That makes Woods a pedophile.

Child molesters have their own society. After all, they can't have a relationship in the normal fashion. Imagine what mom and dad would say when their 15 year old daughter introduces them to her new 31 year old boyfriend. If it happened in the wrong part of the country dad would chase the fool down the drive way with his shotgun at the ready.  In other situations, the predator gets free room and board in the state pen.

Instead of meeting the folks, Woods set up camp in a motel. He then picked up his new girlfriend from school each day and took her to his motel room for fun and games. He quickly returned her before classes let out so the folks back home would not get wise. Meanwhile, the parents thought their child was in school and out of the reach of predators.
"He faces 10 years to life"

The truth usually comes out and in this case it did. Woods was arrested and pled innocent to the charges. However, on January 06, 2010, Woods changed his plea and will shortly stand before the court for sentencing. He faces 10 years to life, depending upon the mood of the judge and the mitigating circumstances if there are any. Assuming Woods walks free again, he will have to register as a sex offender and undergo supervised probation.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nils R. Kessler prosecuted the child moleter.  Having sex with minors, even if they are a few years short of the age of consent, will be dealt with sternly.  Robbing a child of her innocence, even if the child is an active and willing participant, is an unforgivable crime. 
"Both will suffer untold consquences"

The youth does not have the capacity to understand the implications of the affair, and the perp does not have the will power to resist his impulses.  Both will suffer untold consquences.  At least the perpetrator will not have the opportunity to do it again.

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