Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Child used as drug mule, four arrested check out this video!

Parents force child to carry cocaine

Children at risk are in all parts of the world. Children in the poor sections of Cali, Colombia, are sometimes left to their own devices. Abandoned, these four and five year olds make their way in a cruel world most Americans would find hard to understand, and the defenseless child cannot.

Sometimes, though, the parents use their children for evil purposes. The following video speaks about a child who was forced to carry drugs, likely cocaine. He was rescued by police when the narcotics were discovered. The translation is below the video. We invite anyone who speaks Spanish to give us a more accurate translation!

A rough translation: 
"(A child is) used for hiding (drugs) (they were) using (the) child to transport to various areas of Cali, (Colombia) this now in Cali. The step father and mother prepared the small packages of drugs, then they used the child as a drug mule, in total, four persons were arrested"

We must protect the little one's of our world.  As we all said when we were young, the future of the world are the children.  We were the children then, what will happen to the children now?

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